2D Drawings and 3D Modeling

Innovtec provides a wide range of 2D drawings and 3D models to support the information generated by the laser scanners. The 2D drawings Innovtec provides to our clients are Autodesk RealDWG files for maximum compatibility with other manufacturer’s CAD products for easy importing and exporting between products.

Innovtec 3D models consist of AutoCAD 3D solids again, in RealDWG format carrying maximum compatibility between the large range of engineering packages typically used on modern-day project sites. Our 3D models are constructed by our team using the point cloud data, the library data from AutoCAD and via custom, component specific blocks. In most cases, this 3D solid model would be a minimum standard on a project specification that requests 3D modeling, but this model is highly effective with establishing benchmarks, and being used as an as-built tool for design teams looking for an accurate place to start their projects.

Both of the 2D and 3D Innovtec CAD/Modeling solutions are highly customizable to your needs and will be well-received by your design teams. Full layer control is available and since we use authentic Autodesk products your CAD files will be highly transportable between most, if not all engineering software packages.