3D Laser Scanning Services

Phase-based Leica scannerLaser scanners that were once a novelty have now moved firmly into the realm of Industrial Metrology. Their mode of operation gives them an unrivalled ability to produce a dense, accurate and high resolution array of explicit 3-D points. Advanced scanners even produce an intensity image which overlays precisely with three dimensional coordinate data.

Having a decent laser-based 3-D scanner/imaging system is only a small part of the equation. Knowing what to do with vast arrays of 3-D data generated from it and transforming the data into usable form is more important. That is where our experience and innovative work flows enable us to provide you with quality data unsurpassed in the electronic imaging industry.

Laser Scanning Services and Expertise

Any measuring instrument is just a tool. It’s relatively easy to operate a laser scanner, but just like a hammer and chisel, the skill and wisdom one employs in the use of a tool determines the outcome. Tools in Michelangelo’s hands produce much different results than can be produced by a novice. A similar analogy applies to those of us at INNOVTEC. Even though we may not be as skilled as Michelangelo, we are more highly skilled and experienced using 3D laser imaging systems than virtually anyone else.

Tools used for 3D Laser Scanning

Advantages of 3D Imaging