Laser Scanning Bernard Maybeck buildings on Principia College campus in Elsah, IL


Bernard Maybeck Laser Scan Building

Occasionally, we get to escape the baggage systems, airport terminal renovations, and heavy MEP scanning to do something different. In July, we were tasked with scanning seven Bernard Maybeck designed structures at Principia College in Elsah, Illinois. Principia sits atop a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River to the West and is a visually stunning campus. Maybeck, a noted San Francisco Bay area architect whose works include over 150 buildings in California including The Palace of Fine Arts and Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco. These designs at Principia are one of the only works done by Maybeck outside of California and were designed during The Great Depression. In 1993, the college was designated a National Historic Landmark in recognition of Maybeck’s work.

Innovtec performed a high resolution scan of the building facades to be used for restorative purposes by the project architect, Mr. Bill Marquand. The point clouds will be colorized to match existing and integrated into Revit. Attached are several snapshots of the buildings and scans. We appreciate being chosen to perform the scanning and get a detailed look at these fantastic structures.

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  1. William Marquand says:

    Ron – I want to thank you, Lance and Jose for the great job you did on this project. It was very well received by the client. Good quality and consistency throughout all seven buildings.

    William Marquand, AIA, LEEDGA

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